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lalibeladesign_newlalibela Study, Design & Supervision Works PLC, category five  water resource consultants has a team composition of very high qualified and experienced individuals and has a capacity to involve and discharge its engineering services in a number of water and water related project studies, design and construction supervisions. The firm is expanding its business area to the following disciplines.

Water supply system studies, design, construction management and supervision:

  • ·Identification of potential sources for drinking water supply
  • ·Study and design water supply systems from surface and ground water         sources
  • · Construction supervision and Contract administration
  • ·  Construction management

Irrigation and drainage development:

  • ·Study and design of diversion systems(weir) and water storage facilities with     their appurtenant structures (Dams, ponds, undersurface reservoirs)
  • ·Study and design of irrigation systems (canal system and other irrigation field structures)
  • ·Selection of high yielding crops variety to the specific irrigation farms and preparing the crop pattern.
  • ·Contract administration and construction supervision
  • · Post construction management on water use among the beneficiaries

Road and building:

  • ·Preparation of Design & study of Different Buildings which render different functions and supervision works
  • · Preparation of study & Design of roads with different standards and  supervision works
  • ·Preparation of study and Designing Bridges and supervision works

Hydro geological investigation works:

  • ·   Investigation of ground water potential for water supply and irrigation systems
  • ·   Ground water modeling and site selection
  • ·   Ground water potential Mapping
  • ·    Drilling and pumping test contract administration and supervision

Hydrological studies:

  •  Design flood estimation for urban and road side drainage facilities such as (ditches, culverts, bridges etc…)
  • Flood forecasting for different return periods and flood management studies
  •  Water availability studies for water supply, hydropower potential and irrigation
  • Studies of groundwater contamination
  • Erosion and sediment yield studies for small watersheds
  •  Software development for hydrological analysis
  •  Surface water ground water interaction studies
  • Water balance studies
  •  Subsurface drainage investigation
  •  Integrated management of watersheds

Waste management:

  •  Study and design of sewer systems
  •  Study and design of transfer station and secured land fill for municipality solid   wastes.
  •  Study and design of liquid waste treatment plants( Racks, Grit chambers, sedimentation tanks, oxidation/waste stabilization ponds and sludge treatment facilities
  •  Energy recovery from solid wastes
  • Studies and recommends waste management possibilities for Municipalities.

Geo special studies:

  • ·Environmental Monitoring, Impact assessment and Land cover Mapping
  • ·Cadastral Mapping and Land information systems/LIS/ advisory
  • ·Base Map preparation from satellite images
  • ·Hazard and vulnerability Mapping
  • ·Natural Resource Inventory & Mapping
  • ·Infrastructure design and Mapping
  • ·Topographic Surveying (contours, slope, GCP, route maps)
  • ·Socio-economic Surveying & Mapping
  • ·Hydrology to watershed scale Analysis
  • ·Accessibility Index Analysis (to water, market, health, school & other facilities)
  • ·Suitability analysis (irrigation, habitat….)

Topographic survey and top map preparation:

  • Application of recent survey technologies(GPS, Total stations ) for topographic and cadastral survey of water supply, irrigation and drainage system
  • Survey for water supply, irrigation, road and drainage systems       
  • Preparation of geo-referenced topo map with high degree of accuracy from the
  • International or national grid systems.
  • Preparation of location maps based on the digital information geo reference to the national grid systems.

Environmental  Impact Assessment And Project Study :

  •   Feasibility study On:
  •  Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit consultancy service
  •  Economic and Socio-economic feasibility study
  •  Agronomy Feasibility study
  •  Business Consulting Services
  •  Bankeable document preparation
  •  Marketing Strategy Development
  • Customer service Development
  • Legal and rules consulting service

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Vision and Mission

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ተልዕኮ በምህንድስና ዘርፍ በመጠጥ ውሃ፣መስኖ፣ህንጻ እና መንገድ እንዲሁም በንግድና ኢንቨስትመንት የጥናት፣ዲዛይንና ቁጥጥር ስራዎች ተሳትፎውን በማሳደግ ውጤታማና በስነ-ምግባርና በክህሎት የተካነ አመራርና ሰራተኛ ሃይል በማቀናጀትና ለጋራ ራዕይ በማሰለፍ በጥራትና በብቃት የማማከር አገልግሎት በመስጠት፣ዘመናዊ...

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Organization Structure

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lalibeladesign_newlalibela Study, Design & Supervision Works PLC; though it is a very young organization it has well structured organizational management. It is also organized to have its temporary management structure...

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