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lalibeladesign_newlalibela Study, Design & Supervision Works PLC, category five, is a professional engineering and business consulting company which has been established in October, 2015 to provide engineering services in the Water Resources, Hydro-geology and geophysics, Roads &  Buildings, EIA, project feasibility, Planning and Related sectors supervision and Design Activities  to a broad spectrum of federal and regional government agencies, non- governmental agencies, research organizations and as well as many consulting firms working in similar sectors when they need specialized expertise.

Our company has finalized all its pre requisites to join the aforementioned sectors to provide exemplary engineering services in Study and design of water supply, irrigation and drainage systems, road and building, ground water potential identification and mapping test analysis, liquid and solid waste management and GIS based hydrological modeling including flood forecasting required in any water augmentation processes.

The employee of the company are very qualified and dedicated to provide innovative solutions to complex engineering problems in the water and other civil engineering disciplines. They have remarkable individual experience that makes them successful in obtaining effective solutions to wide- ranging problems by applying their knowledge and experience that they have gained in the water resource engineering fields. Our engineers and other support staffs are expert planners, designers, and trouble-shooters, ready to tackle complex technical and critical issues. We are confident that we will carry out exemplary works in the water industry within a short period and we take pride in our responsiveness, cost-consciousness, and ability to meet tight deadlines.

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Vision and Mission

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ተልዕኮ በምህንድስና ዘርፍ በመጠጥ ውሃ፣መስኖ፣ህንጻ እና መንገድ እንዲሁም በንግድና ኢንቨስትመንት የጥናት፣ዲዛይንና ቁጥጥር ስራዎች ተሳትፎውን በማሳደግ ውጤታማና በስነ-ምግባርና በክህሎት የተካነ አመራርና ሰራተኛ ሃይል በማቀናጀትና ለጋራ ራዕይ በማሰለፍ በጥራትና በብቃት የማማከር አገልግሎት በመስጠት፣ዘመናዊ...

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Organization Structure

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lalibeladesign_newlalibela Study, Design & Supervision Works PLC; though it is a very young organization it has well structured organizational management. It is also organized to have its temporary management structure...

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